The deadline for the special session proposals has been extended to December 25, 2008.
The acceptance of special sessions has been extended to December 29, 2008.
The approved proposals will be added to the list of the special sessions on the site as approved

Call for Special Sessions


Proposals for Special Sessions are highly welcomed. As a guideline, a special session is expected to have 5-6 presentations. Please send the organizer(s) information, session title, abstract (i.e., brief description of the session topic), keywords of the session, a tentative list of presentation, contact organizer, his/her e-mail addresses, and the URL link of the special session to the Special Sessions Chair, Naoyuki Kubota (

If you are hesitant of submitting your contribution just because you need more time, please contact the Special Sessions Chair, Naoyuki Kubota (
Also, please feel free to address any question or suggestion you might have.
Approved Special Session List (Session Title and Organizers)

1. Practical Aspects and Applications of Typeгн2 Fuzzy Systems

Hani Hagras
Christian Wagner
Woei Wan Tan

2. Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Theory

Robert John
Simon Coupland
Jon Garibaldi

3. Intelligent Agents

Hani Hagras
Faiyaz Doctor

4. Advances in Fuzzy Control Using Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Models

Jun Yoneyama

5. Recent Development of Fuzzy Probabilistic Inference Systems with 3-Dimensional Fuzzy Sets

Han Xiong Li
Honghai Liu

6. Fuzzy Robotics

Honghai Liu
Naoyuki Kubota

7. Fuzzy Logic in Medical Sciences

Yutaka HATA

8. Human Symbiotic System

Daisuke Katagami
Yoichiro Maeda

9. Prospects for the Finland-Korea Cooperation in the Human Sciences and Technology

Vesa A. Niskanen

10. Fuzzy Systems in Bioinformatics

Mihail Popescu
James Keller

11. Brain and Perception

Isao Hayasi

12. Fuzzy Approaches for Ontology Applications and Adaptive Web Services

Chang-Shing Lee
Vincenzo Loia
Tzung-Pei Hong

13. Theory and Applications of Fuzzy Signatures

B. Sumudu U. Mendis
Tom D. Gedeon

14. Recent Algorithms in Clustering

Yasunori Endo

15. Fuzzy Methods for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Daniel Sanchez
Eyke Huellermeier
Plamen Angelov
Frank Klawonn

16. Fuzzy Inference Systems - Theory and Applications

Hirosato SEKI

17. Hybrid Learning in Fuzzy Control

Jin-Tsong Jeng
Shun-Feng Su

18. Fuzzy System and Control

Wen-June Wang

19. Applications of Fuzzy Systems to Benefit Society

Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier
Keeley A Crockett

20. Soft Computing in Image Processing

Ioannis K. Vlachos
George D. Sergiadis
Mike Nachtegae

21. Atanassov's Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets: Recent Advances

Ioannis K. Vlachos
George D. Sergiadis
Eulalia Szmidt
Janusz Kacprzyk

22. New Perspective of Fuzzy Approaches to Management Engineering

Junzo Watada

23. Interactive Human-Space Design and Intelligence

Makoto Mizukawa
Toru Yamaguchi

24. Soft Computing: New Trends, Advances, and Applications

Chen-Sen Ouyang

25. Agent-based Community Simulation and Soft Computing

Katsuhiro Honda

26. Fusion of Information System and Human Kansei, Emotion, and Biological Information

Tomoyuki Hiroyasu
Miho Ohsaki
Hideyuki Takagi

27. Application of Fuzzy Logic to Intelligent Transportation Systems

Goutam Chakraborty
Basabi Chakraborty
Sagar Naik

28. Lattice and Poset Valued Fuzzy Structures - Theory and Applications

Branimir Seselja
Andreja Tepavcevic

29. Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems

Yusuke Nojima
Rafael Alcala
Hisao Ishibuchi
Francisco Herrera

30. Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning

Hamid Berenji